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Simplifying Data Infrastructure
for Gen AI Applications

Build Gen AI apps without managing Vector DBs, Pipelines & Infrastructure

Backed and trusted by forward thinking organizations:
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Helping AI teams build Data Processing, Transformation, Scheduling, Querying
infrastructure so they can focus on AI Logic

No infrastructure to set up
Transform data across multiple sources
Connect to multiple models in a few clicks
Load data to every major vector database
Query your private vector data
Schedule pipelines for up-to-date data
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Effortlessly build Data & ETL pipelines to all major Vector Databases

Shipping Example
Financial Services Example
Healthcare Example

Unlocking Potential for High Value Companies

01. Financial Services
Context Data empowers financial institutions to streamline their AI-driven processes. For example, a bank could use the platform to quickly integrate customer data, transaction history, and market trends to power a personalized investment advice chatbot. By reducing the time spent on data infrastructure from weeks to minutes, Context Data allows financial firms to rapidly deploy AI models for fraud detection, risk assessment, and algorithmic trading, staying ahead in a highly competitive market.
02. Healthcare
Healthcare providers use Context Data to efficiently manage vast amounts of patient data across multiple systems. By leveraging the platform’s ability to integrate and analyze diverse data sets, medical professionals can gain deeper insights into patient histories and treatment outcomes. This facilitates personalized treatment plans and predictive health analytics, ultimately improving patient care quality and operational efficiency in hospitals and clinics.
03. Real Estate
Real estate agencies and property management firms can utilize Context Data to aggregate and analyze data from various sources, including market trends, property listings, and client databases. This integration allows for more accurate market analysis and property valuation. Additionally, by automating routine data processes, real estate professionals can focus more on client engagement and strategic decision-making, thus increasing productivity and efficiency in managing properties and closing deals.
04. Shipping & Supply Chain
Context Data streamlines operations for supply chain companies by providing advanced analytics for inventory management and logistical operations. Companies can integrate data from various points in the supply chain to monitor and predict inventory levels, optimize delivery routes, and manage supplier relationships more effectively. This leads to reduced costs due to better inventory control, minimized delays, and enhanced customer satisfaction through timely deliveries.


Plug-and-Play data infrastructure built specifically for Generative AI

Connect & Extract

Retrieve important data from a host of major data sources and retrieve important data from a host of major data sources.

No code connectivity to multiple data sources

Transform Data

Create Fully Contextual Data by combining and joining data across multiple data sources to create a full picture of your data

Use SQL or Python to transform or aggregate data

Generate Vector Embeddings

Convert your data to vector embeddings with the most popular models in just a few clicks with just your API keys.

Convert to embeddings without setting up infrastructure

Vector DB Load

Load your final data to any of the major vector database providers that we support without having to write any code.

Write data to every major Vector Database platform


Why choose Context Data

All-In-One Platform

Context Data has Everything for your team to get started in as little as 10 minutes without needing to download or install any packages

Cross Platform ETL

We are the first platform to allow for transformations across separate platforms e.g. Salesforce vs MySQL

Controlled Data Privacy

Your data is the lifeblood of your organization. Avoid uploading your data to OpenAI and other external models

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  • 1 Data Flow
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  • 3 Data Flows
  • 1 User License
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